12 comments on “It’s Worse Than That, It’s Red Jim – 8th March

  1. Hello Doug, I am sorry to hear what you have been through & are still going through. But through all of it you still have a sense of humor. I’ve had a recurrence of breast cancer after 4 1/2 yrs. after a lumpectomy & 30 rad. Treatments. I’ve been through all the testing & am in chemotherapy now. I had a similar situation with my mom. A week before I was to start chemo my mom took sick & passed away suddenly. I had to fly 1,400 miles to the funeral & needless to say I had to change the date to start treatment. I flew back, finished all the needed scary tests & began treatment on 8 December. There has been little time mourn my loss as well. I hope your journey has come to a healthy ending. Best regards, Marilyn

    • Hi Marilyn.
      Sorry to hear about your Mum as well. It is strange how things tend to happen all at once. If you were told before hand about all the horrors that befall you, I doubt if you would think that you could cope. Somehow most of us manage todo so, thankfully.
      The fact that you are going through this and have been for so long, shoes how resilient you are.
      My love and strength goes out to you.


  2. Keep battling. Keep blogging. Good work Doug and hopefully see barking orders from the dugout in the DJT. Take care mate. Rich

  3. Hi – I am really enjoying this blog.It was passed on to me by a good friend of mine who saw it on the Orient Message Board, he posts as Costanza or something like that. I have been through a lot of what you are experiencing now, the ups and downs etc and would have loved to have read something similar in the early days. Any way I have been clear for a few months now so keep strong! Keep up the blogging it is truly inspiring.


  4. Loved just the few entries of your blog Doug that Ive read so far – so will have a thorough read a little later, you write very well and its truly great that you are raising awareness of this disease. I posted just a few weeks ago on my Facebook page about breast cancer in men as I know most of my male friends don’t even think its possible as men don’t have “tits” Ummmm!

    Im really sorry to learn of your mums passing, its just messed up that so much shite has come your way. Keep up the good fight and lets KICK IT’S ASS!

    Im due to have my mastectomy in just a few weeks..dreading it to say the least, but…whatever!


    • Thanks Lisa.
      I have subscribed to your blog and will be keeping an eye on your progress.

      I really hope that all goes well with the mastectomy. It is a lot harder for women than for men. All I lost was a nipple

      Continue to KICK IT’S ASS!!!!

      Love Doug

      • Bastard disease.
        As you mentioned, I think you should take a picture if you want to.
        Your attitude has done a lot for me and I am sure others as well. Treating it as the enemy and kicking its ass!!
        On the plus side, I guess that as it is not too long to wait and dwell over.
        Thinking of you loads Lisa

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