4 comments on “Drain Drain Go Away – And then it was now

  1. Morning Doug,

    Glad the drain is no more – darned things, I cringed at the thought of you walking off leaving it behind – ouch!!! Yes I too became a hermit, just goes with the territory I guess, especially on chemo as you have to be mindful of people and their bugs etc – I was so scared I only went out in my last week before each chemo lol! Facebook, Twitter, my blog and the BCC forum kept me entertained, there’s only so much Jeremy Vile,Loose Women and Cash in the Attic one can tolerate!

    I’m liking your sense of humour, it will serve you well over the coming months. Don’t worry about chemo, its a pain with all the do’s and don’t’s but it passes quite quickly and is totally doable – thank God for medical progress as the tablets really help keep the side effects at bay, if anything doesn’t work, tell your Onc and he/she will change it.

    Have a great weekend with your lovely family mate.

    Live Long & Prosper!!


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