19 comments on “Chemo. No My House

  1. Sounds grim Harper. All the best for when the chemo kicks off mate. Sorry we let you down in the DJT gaffer. Next year eh. Take it easy. Ric

  2. You’re really brave Doug. I don’t know how you can keep a sense of humour…well…maybe I do. Wishing you all the best for the chemo. x

  3. Shame about the delay. You need to take it easy, sounds like you pushed yourself too much with all the driving. Hope the chemo goes well. Mine finished now. The big op tomorrow. Oh the joy 🙂 remember to take your time and let your body rest and heal


    • Love to you Julie. Like your outlook, being positive is key as well as enjoying it all when you can and having a laugh.
      Sending positive thoughts and love fro you tomorrow

  4. I’ve just got a jug out and looked at how much 300ml is. Bloody hell Doug, there can’t have been much of you left! No more heroes for you but you’re my hero. Staying witty, philosophical and optimistic through this lot is a big ask and yet you manage it. Keep grinding through the days mate, hopefully I’ll get to see you half or thereabouts. Loadsa love xx

  5. 300ml? You must weigh about 5 stone now 😉 Love and hugs from Ian and me, will be up to see you as soon as dreaded exam is done. xx

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