8 comments on “Ringotherapy -WITH FREE INDEX!!

  1. Spot on Ringo, opps Richard! I’m sure Doug will be impressed by your contribution to his blog.
    Love ‘n’ Peas XX

  2. Dear Mr Starkey. If you truly know Doug as well as you suggest you’ll know that the last album from Doug Harper and the Compliance Brothers was called “All you need is drums” (something we know you never managed to master – bless). Anyway it’s a great cause, so I shouldn’t be so flippant. Please give generously folks – as much as the lovely socialist coalition in power want to fund all aspects of social care and well being, sometimes they run out of cash with so many important things to fund even since the abolition of the monarchy and cancellation of Trident. Dig deep. Toodle pip for now melovelies.

  3. Hey you read all sorts in this cancer bubble but you have made my day Richard.. Yes I know you no longer do autographs and I saw you in person at Pauls wedding which I found lovely.. took some pics too.. I’m about to start Chemo myself in a few weeks… Doug my man I love it … now I’m going back to the land of fairys damn anesthetic still ain’t worn off.. knowing you have such a fab fan base.. I feel like i’ve taken something that is illegal, not that I have ever taken anything illegal.. Hello Alice and the white rabbit I say.. See you at Maggies when your ready Doug xxxxx

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