11 comments on “Uncomfortably Numb

  1. Well I had my 4th cycle today Mr D and I know the symptoms have yet to start… The side effects are harsh and no-one can prepare you for them because each person is different.. Your mojo maybe fading right the minute, but give it time Mr D… Loving the pics you should be proud fella.. You and Sarah I’m sure will knock this where it belongs.. Stay Strong XXX

  2. I may be one of your 23 ‘heroes’ but I have got to say meeting you is right up there!! It was fab spending the fashion show day with you (plus the other times we got together for it) – and as you say, having gone through all this together, we are sooooo ‘friends for life’. You are an inspiration to many of us. For example, you were so exhausted the night before the Fashion Show that you didn’t make the pre-Show meal. Yet the next day you were there at 8.30am determined to be on the catwalk. Now anyone that has been through chemo will know your appearance the next day wasn’t a miraculous recovery – you were just one determined geezer!!!!!!!!! You looked fab on the day and you are fab now. Its only the treatment to kick that cancer out of you that is making you look how you do today – but it will soon be over, so hold that (bald) head up high – and take the congratulations from us all for inspiring us and being so clever with your blogs – if this helps take the message out there to at least one guy, you are a hero for helping him!! Love ya Doug. Fran XXXXX

  3. Well I think you looked dashing and distinguished in the catwalk pictures, and you look just as dashing and distinguished in the other picture too. Widsom and true goodness within will always shine through if you ask me !

    You’re wise, and clever, and wonderful and don’t you ever flippin’ forget it Mr !

    And next time throw something at me if I don’t see you, am in a world of my own these days, its all too much having to concentrate on not tripping over my own 2 feet or bang into things you know 🙂

  4. I am so impressed by your courage, honesty and intelligence. I feel so much kinship with you and Sarah and your family and I salute you and I am proud you are my friend. Thank you for writing about it all so vividly. You help so many people. Stay with us, dearest Doug. We need you here and well! Gxx

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