14 comments on “Sympathy! I don’t need your sympathy, man, I need my johnson!

  1. Congratulations to you and SJ on the engagement. Xxx
    Lovely to see you back to your chatty Kathie routine.
    I discovered a small slice of toast at bedtime helped improve my insomnia a little. Good luck with that.
    Cathie ex Practice Nurse

  2. Awh Doug, I laughed and cried reading that. Nuff said, me and the Nashman adore you and we trying to plan how to ambush you in the very near future.


    Love, light and no shite!

    Diane x

    • Aww Thanks Diane.

      That Kazoo really does go everywhere with me.
      But I have a different storage place than you 🙂

      Love to you and the Nashman and will see you soon as is possible


  3. Cheers, Doug. Just spent a happy half hour with your blog and links. Congrats on popping the big Q and to Sarah for being brave enough to accept. I always read the other lives obits in the Guardian. Isn’t it good that someone you found so helpful has been acknowledged in this way? Loved the pic of you and all your children, and a quick view of us all strutting our stuff. Chris

  4. Love your blogs. Make me chuckle so much. Didn’t quite realise how much you were struggling with the fatigue and insomnia – both a pain in the ***e!!!! Hopefully both will bu**er off soon!!?? Keep strong man and congrats to the pair of you again. Thanx for mentioning us models too, bless your cottons! XX

  5. Hi Doug, I just read your article in Vita mag and wanted to say thank you for bravely sharing your story. I’m glad I’ve found your blog and will follow it from now on as I think it’s so important for men with breast cancer to speak up about it. I can understand your feeling down about all these things. However, congratulations on your engagement and for getting involved in the fashion show – lovely to see you mentioned Issy there too! I hope things start looking up for the new year. Take care, Laura

    • Hi Laura
      Issy rocks! I am hoping to pop over and see her in the next couple of weeks. Had a quick look at your blog and like it. It seems that like me, you find it therapeutic to write. Honesty is the best policy. I am following your blog and on faceache as well. I love this “Taking breast cancer by the balls, beating it to a pulp and leaving it cowering in the corner”. Because thats what we all have to do.

      Please have a look at http://paintcout.wordpress.com/about/. I am involved in this and helping the lovely Sarah who paints some amazing pictures

      Take care

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