10 comments on “Snakes on the brain

  1. Great post Doug. I was just wondering where you’d got to when I saw the O’s Fans Forum minutes & then this post.

    Really delighted to read your good news. As ever a funny & moving post.

  2. Very pleased to hear you got the all clear as far as throat cancer is concerned . Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend Clare

  3. Love you Dougy boy. Great blog as always. Even I was worried on Monday with your luck over the past couple of years. Reflux? You big baby… xx

  4. Smiled,cried and laughed reading that. My life is richer for meeting you and you are my Kazoo Brother now and forever. I am so glad the news was good, the world would be dim without you, so it’s not your time, thankfully! Sending love to you and yours. xx

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