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  2. Have you looked into Femara? (I would suggest the Femara over the generic/letrozole as I’ve read comments regarding worse side effects with the generic.) I have been taking it as a neoadjuvant ER PR positive breast cancer therapy and have had very good results with tumor reduction. In the US, where I’m located, it’s yet to be standardized as a neoadjuvant therapy (I had to request it); instead, it’s more commonly used (which I suspect has everything to do with Chemo profits) as an adjuvant therapy. There are also many who take it for Stage IV hormonal breast cancer with good results (ex: http://www.jhartfound.org/blog/author/amy-berman/ Amy, an RN who appears to live a fairly active life, opted out of additional treatment after her Stage IV diagnosis, in October 2010: http://www.jhartfound.org/blog/narrative-matters-the-next-chapter-amy-berman-reflects-on-living-life-in-my-own-way/ ).

    It’s not without side effects: http://www.breastcancer.org/treatment/hormonal/comp_chart ; which seem to differ dependent on the person (mine may have been less due to the fact that I have had no other treatment to date), but (in addition to the above linked chart) I have read where the effects were not considered as harsh as those of tamoxifen.

    Whatever your decision, the best to you sir.

    (Sorry about the non email address, I’ve sworn email off, as my country’s tech obsession has virtually destroyed the right to privacy.)

  3. Glad to meet you, and sorry you are member of such a select club. I’m a female member of the same club, metastasis division. I am very grateful that Anne Marie of Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer shared your blog so I can do the same.

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