In January 2012, I became one of only 300 blokes a year diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the UK, which is a nuisance.


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  1. I’ve just found your blog via a tweet. A good read! I don’t generally like cancer blogs, male or female, but yours reminds me of mine.

  2. Hi Doug, just read the most recent entry on your blog, then been working my way back thru’ (never one for doing things in order). Enjoying it very much, giving me a good chuckle in places, which I have needed today, glad you can hold to the humour in life considering your year so far. Keep on keepin’ on, all the best Foz (friend of Sarah’s). PS. Really appreciating the larger print Ü

  3. Amazing, positive language coming from within, doug. Congratulations, keep it up! My blog is not related to your subject in any way, but found out about you through my job, and wanted give you some support and good wishes for the future. I work at GBCH, in the retail department, raising money..

  4. Stumbled on your page and read your tamoxifen post. I took it for 10 months (and I’m a girl, but hey…) and it seriously almost killed me. It’s always interesting to read others struggles with the drug, though it sucks for us all. Actually, I have yet to find a cancer patient who is pro-tamoxifen. Best of luck to you and thank you for sharing your stories with the world.

    • Hi Kiku
      Thanks for your kind words. Hopefully we will find out how good or bad Tamoxifen actually is. Iys horrible to be treated as a guinea pig aint it?

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